Along with the fresh clean air and romantic settings of the retreat, our rooms provide seclusion, comfortable beds and a good library.

Arabian Nights Majlis
(Majlis or Sitting Room)

Living in the Middle East for over 20 years has enabled us to expertly plan the foyer to give you a taste of Bedouin culture. This room is tastefully decorated with a collection of authentic, antique Arab creations providing the necessary panache.

Our Rates:
$ 125/- per night for the Windsor Rose suite, 4 Poster Queen Bed, en-suite bath/shower.

$ 145/- per night for the Taj Mahal suite, 4 Poster Queen Bed, en-suite bath/shower, separate private entrance, large covered deck, over-looking swimming pool and trees.

*The above rates are based on a 1 or 2-person occupancy.